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Adam Freeman Golf Academy

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Suitable for all levels of golfers, male or female and any age from 7 upwards.
So if you are either a beginner or need to get rid of that shank or slice then the Adam Freman Golf Academy is the perfect solution for you

Adam Freeman Golf Academy teaching methods

The AFGA teaching methods are grounded totally on undeniable facts, utilising the most up to date methods and techniques used by the world’s best swing coaches, giving you complete confidence in what you are doing and total trust in your teacher.

The AFGA teaches “The Whole Person” Physical, Mental & Emotional not only the correct technique, the correct movement but also the correct thinking. This process allows you understand the similarities not the differences between golf and every other sport achieving super fast results.

More about Adam Freeman (Golf Academy)

Adam has been involved in golf in a professional capacity for over 23 years.
His interest in the fundamentals & dynamics of the golf swing and his keen eye for detail have been sharpened along the way, having been retained in a professional working capacity for P.G.A European Tour Professionals: (Including 3 P.G.A European Tour Winners).

He has personally managed and represented the careers of the some of the world best players and has a high level of experience in events, promotions, marketing and sponsorship.

What sets Adam apart

In 2003 Adam shattered his wrist in an extreme sports accident this involving 3 operations, pins, plates and bone graphs and was I told that he should never play golf again or any sport again.

During this time he went through a very difficult and challenging process of change and he had to re-evaluate his life and direction but continued to be fascinated by the golf swing and with his own interest in understanding in swing dynamics and movement Adam was determined to play golf again, tried to hit some balls & learn to play golf again even if it was one armed.

“I think there comes a time in professional sport when a person has to decided to either become a great teacher or a great player and I don’t believe you can do both, just look at the greatest football managers very few were players.” says Adam
Starting back from the basics he developed a technique that is purely based on plane solid undeniable facts only and a technique that is so simple in its effectiveness. Adam discovered basic things, that he never found were explained to him, in all the teachers he went to see and tried to trust.

In effect not one student is the same, so there must be more than one way to swing a golf club you cant put everyone in the same box. Essentially he is the only coach that teaches 2 different types of golf swing and 2 different ways to swing a golf club, just look at the swing differences between all the current worlds top players today.

Adam strongly advocate that I you do not want his students to keep coming back to me week in week out, as he educates his students mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually on your own game, Adam want his student to eventually learn to self correct when they hit a bad shot, which they will and to know what has happened and how to simply correct it.

So go on, you know you want to be a winner so let Dam Freeman help you get there.
Locations where lessons are given are as follows:
Cabopino Golf Club, Marbella Golf & Country Club, Magna Marbella Golf Club, Atalaya Golf Club, El Higueral Golf Club, La Quinta Golf & Country Club, American Golf Academy Los Flamingos Golf and Estepona Golf Club.

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